Virtual guide


LO11 - Between Lodi and Lambro river

Start node info Lodi, railway station
End node info Lodi, San Sereolo
Total length 28.8 km
Category Cycling
Suggested type of bycicle Road
Cycle time 01:27 (hh:min)
Uphill 31 m
Downhill 29 m
Max height 85 m
Difficulty by cycle Easy
Coated 98 %
Offroad 2 %
Cyclability 100 %
On cycle road 25 %

The day will be spent cycling amongst old farms, visiting Lodi Vecchio, a charming town with a famous Gothic-Romanic basilica, dedicated to the 12 Apostles built by S. Bassiano, the patron of Lodi. The route is roughly 29kms and the roads are a mixture of urban routes, cycle paths and connecting roads. To visit Azienda Agricola Ca dell’ Acqua, an old farm specialising in the production of cheese. Here old traditions are paired with the most modern techniques to offer high quality cheeses.