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07. Adda Sud Natural Park

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Phone 0371 411129
Street and number Uffici: Viale Dalmazia, 10
City Lodi

The main purpose of the park is to retain the balance between human presence and anthropic activities, in order to preserve the natural environment, the landscape and the culture that still belong there, but also to gradually reclaim the degraded and compromised areas along the river banks. The Adda Sud Natural Park stretches over a 230 square kilometre surface, between the Lodi and Cremona countryside and along the south course of river Adda, between Rivolta d'Adda in the North and Castelnuovo Bocca d'Adda, at the mouth of river Po, in the South.

The park area stretches on the plain area along the banks of the river and includes large farmed plots, natural and semi-natural woods and poplar fields. Near the river are some original woods, wetlands, oxbows and mortlakes. Almost the entire marsh area is included in game farms; as a consequence, for hunting purposes, these areas have never been reclaimed nor indiscriminately felled. The most important natural reserves of the area are: the Adda Morta-Lanca della Rotta natural reserve (an old branch of the river in the municipality of Castiglione d'Adda) and Zerbaglia, home of the largest Garzaia natural reserve of the entire park.