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12. Diocesan museum of sacred art

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Phone 0371 544622
Street and number Via Cavour 31, entrata dalla Cattedrale
City Lodi

The diocesan museum is located in the city centre, in a wing of the bishop’s palace. The building is very important from an artistic standpoint, its structure is medieval, though it was refurbished in the XVIII century by will of bishop Mezzabarba after a project by architect Veneroni. The museum was founded by Monsignor Bishop Oggioni by means of Bishop’s decree dated October 15th, 1975 and opened on January 19th, 1980 by his successor, Monsignor Bishop Magnani.

It displays precious religious objects, paintings and frescoes, fabrics, sculptures, both from the Cathedral and the Bishop’s residence, but also from a number of parishes scattered throughout the Lodigiano, as a testimony of Christian art and faith. Among the pieces of its collection, the diocesan museum boasts precious textiles and jewellery from the renaissance, one part of the Cathedral’s treasure, called "Treasure of S.Bassiano".

The entrance to the diocesan museum is at the end of a staircase at the bottom of the right side nave of the Cathedral. The monumental and grand staircase that leads the museum room is definitely worth visiting; it connects the Cathedral with the Bishop’s palace. The walls feature several XVII century paintings, including Camillo Procaccini’s Annunciazione and two interesting works, prior to the pipe organ, by Ercole Procaccini il Giovane.

Open on Sunday (from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm). During the week, reservation is required, both for groups and schools.