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08. Museum of Natural Sciences of the Collegio San Francesco

Web site
Phone 0371 420019
Street and number c/o Collegio San Francesco - Via San Francesco, 21
City Lodi

The Museum of Natural Sciences, owned by the Barnabiti Fathers, with headquarters in the Collegio San Francesco in the centre of Lodi, was founded in 1833. It is laid out along three large corridors with a covered surface area of around 300 square meters.
The Museum is built in five sections dedicated to zoology, palaeontology, ornithology, malacology, mineralogy and petrography with exhibits displayed in showcases and on boards made in the nineteenth century.

The contents of the natural science collection offer amazing tools for getting to know nature. The finds were collected by the Barnabiti Fathers starting from the middle of the XIX century. Currently they consist of around six thousand units. The contents of the museum are in a satisfactory state of conservation and are well preserved. All the finds have been catalogued and given illustrative cards to help people to understand them.

Opening days and timetable: from Mondays to Fridays, from 8.30 to 12.30. by phone appointment at other times. Closed during July and August. Guided tours: for groups and school parties from Mondays to Fridays by appointment.