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Start node info Lodi, Viale Piacenza
End node info Lodi, Piazzale Fiume
Total length 26.8 km
Category Cycling
Suggested type of bycicle Hybrid
Cycle time 01:29 (hh:min)
Uphill 18 m
Downhill 25 m
Max height 83 m
Difficulty by cycle Easy
Coated 39 %
Offroad 46 %
Mountain track 15 %
Cyclability 100 %
On cycle road 46 %

Available on the Muzza channel

Suggested time

All year long

How to arrive

FS Railway Lines Milan-Piacenza and Milan-Mantua

This ring-shaped itinerary develops chiefly along the tow-paths of the Muzza. This path features proper signals and indications and is equipped with several parking and stop areas and it crosses the rural land of Lodi's periurban belt. The itinerary crosses a wide number of irrigation works. The path also features an interesting environmental element, the Belgiardino's natural reserve imposing woods.