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AD02 - Adda Sud Natural Park

Start node info Cassano d'Adda, railway station
End node info Lodi, railway station
Total length 32.5 km
Category Cycling
Suggested type of bycicle Hybrid
Cycle time 01:44 (hh:min)
Uphill 24 m
Downhill 77 m
Max height 122 m
Difficulty by cycle Easy
Coated 26 %
Offroad 67 %
Mountain track 7 %
Cyclability 100 %
On cycle road 18 %

A naturalistic itinerary that mainly follows the cart tracks along the Adda, on the Cremona side of the river. The ground has been perfectly fixed up, and signs are usually present. Hybrid bikes and provisions of water are recommended, especially during the hot months: the only shady part of the itinerary is the first one, until Spino D’Adda, while water can only be found in the town of Boffalora D’Adda.