Parks and nature

07. Adda Sud Natural Park

The main purpose of the park is to retain the balance between human presence and anthropic activities, in order to preserve the natural environment, the landscape and the culture […]

29. Monticchie Regional Natural Reserve

The reserve stretches over a 250 Ha. Area, of which 24.5 Ha. are plain hygrophilous forest and 225.5 Hectares of agricultural land, rich of canals and springs. […]

30. Paradiso Fishery Park

The Paradiso Fishery Park serves the purpose of protecting, safeguarding and making available to the public a 13,000 square meter plain area, […]

31. Resettlement Centre for the White Stork

This is found adjacent to the Riserva Naturale Orientata Adda Morta Lanca della Rotta (Adda Morta Lanca della Rotta Nature Reserve), an area of extensive wetlands along the riverbanks, and is a completely new rural building. […]