Religious buildings

01. The Cathedral of Lodi

The Lodi Cathedral was built together with the city. After the destruction of Laus Pompeia (Lodi Vecchio) by the Milanese in 1158, a new Lodi was built in the same year by will of the people and Frederick I of Swabia, alias Barbarossa. […]

02. Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin “Incoronata”

Built in 1488 after the drawings by Giovanni Battagio, the Incoronata Sanctuary is the most prestigious and best-known monument in the city.  […]

03. Former Convents of San Cristoforo and San Domenico

The convent and church of San Cristoforo were built during the second half of the XVI century by the Olivetani monks on the earlier XIII-XIV century buildings belonging to the Order of the Umiliati.  […]

04. Church of Saint Francis

The Church of saint Francis is one of the main medieval monuments in Lodi. Its origins date back to 1252, […]

06. Church of Saint Mary Magdalene

Located at the heart of the low part of the city, the Church of Magdalene dates back to a very old time. […]

17. Sanctuary of Madonna dei Cappuccini

Its origins are linked to an ancient church dedicated to Saint Salvario, a dedication by the people of Saint Salvatore, built where today we find the sanctuary and convent. […]

19. Collegiate of Saint Biagio

A chapel devoted to Saint Biagio is first documented in 1205. No trace is left of this pristine building. […]

21. SS Peter and Paul Abbey

Built by Cistercian monks over pre-existing foundations in 1084, it stands out as an example of Lombard Cistercian architecture and marks the shift from the Romanic style to the Gothic style. […]

22. Basilica of San Bassiano

The Basilica of the XII apostles (known as Basilica of San Bassiano after the X century AD) finds its roots in the IV century AD […]

26. Abbey of SS. Michele e Nicolò

In 1480 the abbey was built by the Olivetani monks who also built the adjoining convent. […]

27. Abbey of Gerolomini

The monastery dates back to the presence of the hospital of Senna which existed since the XII century in the vicinity of the Cremona-Pavia road.  […]

36. The Parish of Santa Maria Annunciata Maleo

The seventeenth century church has a simple facade with a lunette over the main entrance depicting the mystery of the Annunciation. […]

40. The Parish of San Pietro Apostolo

Mezzana Casati is a small agricultural village with a remote origin, owned in the past by the convent of Saint Sisto of Piacenza. […]