Cultural Heritage

05. Administrative headquarters of the Banca Popolare di Lodi

The administrative headquarters of the Banca Popolare di Lodi house the headquarters of the bank with the same name. […]

08. Museum of Natural Sciences of the Collegio San Francesco

The Museum of Natural Sciences, owned by the Barnabiti Fathers, with headquarters in the Collegio San Francesco in the centre of Lodi, was founded in 1833. […]

09. Paolo Gorini Anatomic Collection

Situated in the cloisters of Ospedale Vecchio, the Gorini Anatomic Collection contains anatomic preparations created by the famous research scientist. […]

10. Museum of Press and Artistic Print “Andrea Schiavi”

The Museum of Press and Artistic Print in Lodi “Andrea Schiavi” is based
inside the rooms of the former printing house Lodigraf, […]

11. Didactic collection “Museum of Musical Instruments and Music”

The didactic collection “Museum of Musical Instruments and Music” is of recent formation, indeed its conception dates back to 2005, while the official creation and opening to the public took place in 2008. […]

12. Diocesan museum of sacred art

The diocesan museum is located in the city centre, in a wing of the bishop’s palace. The building is very important from an artistic standpoint, its structure is medieval, though it was refurbished in the XVIII century […]

13. "Paola e Giuseppe Bescapè" Photography Museum

The Museum of Photography of Cavenago d’Adda retraces the history of photography in the Lodigiano territory; it is dedicated to Paola and Giuseppe Bescapè […]

14. Castle of Sant’Angelo Lodigiano

In Lombardy in the XIV century, the castle was an important example of medieval architecture. […]

15. Museums of Sant’Angelo Lodigiano

The Museo del Pane (Bread Museum) is located on the first floor of the Castello Visconteo "Morando Bolognini". […]

16. Villa Biancardi

Villa Biancardi was commissioned by Serafino Biancardi, on the area occupied by a pre-existing castle. The building works started in 1911 and the project was very probably assigned to Gino Coppedè. […]

18. Lamberti’s private collection

Founded in 1973 by Carlo Lamberti houses 122 works of art among paintings, watercolours, drawings and sculptures that range from the XVI century to current days.  […]

20. Cabrini Museum

The Museum is based inside the “Centro di Spiritualità Santa Francesca Cabrini” (Spirituality Centre “Saint Frances Cabrini”).  […]

25. The Benedictine Grange of Orio Litta

An ex medieval grange, the former San Pietro farm house is admired for its extremely attractive rural structure.  […]

32. Private "Il Mondo Nel Presepio" Collection

The collection displays over two hundred nativities coming from all over the world, all of them collected by the owner and curator, Tino Cazzulani, in over twenty years of research. […]

33. Villa Litta

The villa has a monumental and grand look regardless of where one sees it: the garden coming from the countryside of the front coming from the village […]

35. Cascina Santa Maria – Santo Stefano Lodigiano

The cascina Santa Maria (Santa Maria Farm) was commissioned by Cardinal Catalano Trivulzio in the 16th century and was inhabited from 1835 and for several years by various families. […]

37. Agricultural Museum: Bonum Comedere

The Agricultural Museum is based inside the former Convent of the Order of Mary’s Servants, inside the cellars under the present parish house. […]

38. Mulino Abbadia Cerreto

With the intention of promoting knowledge of local culture and traditions and of spreading specific information about “the local culture of waters”, which historically has played a highly significant role in the Lodi area […]

39. Somaglia Castle

The Castle is located on the site of a probable previous fort (perhaps dating back to 1116) where the Emperor Federico Barbaross held his Diets when he came to Italy […]

Toys and Children Museum

The Toys and Children Museum provides its visitors with an original
historical perspective through an interesting itinerary among toys
of the past. […]