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38. Mulino Abbadia Cerreto

City Abbadia Cerreto

With the intention of promoting knowledge of local culture and traditions and of spreading specific information about “the local culture of waters”, which historically has played a highly significant role in the Lodi area, the MULINO INFO-CULTURA (the INFOR_CULTURE MILL) allows people to have direct experience of the old ways of connecting water-energy-nutrition.

In detail the MULINO INFO_cultura is home to:
- the mill wheel connected to a turbine for the production of electricity: this small production of energy is a highly significant tool in demonstrating and understanding how resources are used in the area.
- a small water museum with the recovery of old machinery linked to the activity of the mill;
- a collection of agricultural objects and tools, from the simplest to the most complex, tools of trades once used in farming work and domestic life, testimony of traditions and customs linked to the rural past of the Lodi area:
- a small library of traditions and agriculture, with texts and documents of local history.

The MULINO INFO-CULTURA is also the arrival point of an extensive hydrographic network of the River Tormo which, flowing through the various territories of the Park, flows into the river Adda at Abbadia Cerreto, identifying a very precise well-watered area, one of the most fertile of all the provinces it flows through.
The PLIS of the Tormo, a river originating from the springs that feed it and that characterise it with its clear crystalline waters, is of considerable importance as the point where the ecological corridors of several provinces meet.