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36. The Parish of Santa Maria Annunciata Maleo

City Maleo

The seventeenth century church has a simple facade with a lunette over the main entrance depicting the mystery of the Annunciation. The longitudinal church has a single nave along which there is a series of highly valuable niches. The walls are completely decorated with frescoes of fake architecture and floral decorations.

One of the most interesting corners of the church is the Chapel of the Crucifix (Cappella del Crocifisso), built in 1674, with a rich decoration in plaster depicting Sibyls, puttos and Angels, while on the vault stars and signs of the zodiac are depicted with bas-reliefs. The seventeenth century Crucifix is in wood. The side medallions contain depictions of the Virgin Mary and Saint John the Baptist while the Penitent Maddalena is depicted on the left wall. On the right hand side of the church there is an Eighteenth century organ.

Two niches can be found at the sides of the presbytery with wooden statues of Saint Anthony of Padua. The entrance arch displays high-relief stuccoes with two medallions enclosing the figures of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

The heart of the church is the eighteenth century altar with, at its centre, the Annunciation painted by Bonfiliolo da Soresina, dated 1707, while the small door of the tabernacle encloses the Eucharist depicting “the dream of Elias” painted in oils on copper. The mystery of the Annunciation is again protagonist in the vast choir, where there is a XVI century altar-piece depicting the Annunciation and saints Clair and Frances.