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29. Monticchie Regional Natural Reserve

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Phone 0377 5790212
City Somaglia

The reserve stretches over a 250 Ha. Area, of which 24.5 Ha. are plain hygrophilous forest and 225.5 Hectares of agricultural land, rich of canals and springs. Because of its natural value, which allowed the fauna to thrive, in 1969 Monticchie was included in the repopulation and capture areas and 10 years later, among the fauna protection area. Upon request of the Municipal Government and the local WWF office, the area was placed under the environmental plan of Regione Lombardia and since 1988 it has been declared a Regional Natural Reserve.

With regard to the fauna, the most impressive feature is the presence of an important garzaia, a nesting colony for over 600 couples of Ardeidae, including the Grey Heron. The wet environment is particularly well suited to Lataste’s frogs, Grass Snakes and Smooth Newts; the good quality of the reserve’s spring water is confirmed by colonies of Freshwater crayfish.

Info: Comune di Somaglia Via Matteotti, 10 – 26867 SOMAGLIA Tel. 0377/57901 Environmental Dept. 0377/5790212 Fax 0377/5790215