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27. Abbey of Gerolomini

Phone 0377 86622
Street and number Piazza Roma
City Ospedaletto Lodigiano

The monastery dates back to the presence of the hospital of Senna which existed since the XII century in the vicinity of the Cremona-Pavia road. Thanks to the donations of Archbishop Giovanni Visconti who in 1353 had granted ownership of the Pizzolano, and of Duke Gian Galeazzo who had added to the properties of the Hospital the convent of Castellazzo fuori porta Ticinese, the hospital increased its wealth.

With the birth of the Lombard order of the Gerolomini, founded in 1424 by Lope de Olmedo, the Senna hospital passed into the hands of Lope himself who in 1433 founded the abbey equipping it with the assets of the former hospital.

The abbey, dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, became more important also due to the immunities granted to the monks by Bianca Maria Visconti in 1462.
In 1516 the counts Balbi donated many assets to the Gerolomini with the obligation to establish a parish on site and to build a church and bell tower. The currently existing buildings date back to that time.

During the Sixteenth century there was a remarkable sequence of works to enlarge and embellish the church and convent. In fact the work of Giampietrino depicting the Madonna col bambino tra i santi Gerolamo e Giovanni Battista belongs to the second decade of the Sixteenth century. Originally this was a triptych which was later divided and placed with the two paintings of Saint Peter and Paul positioned on the walls of the vestry. The triptych closely follows the figurative language of Leonardo da Vinci.

Opening days and timetables: May, June and September, celebration of mass at 9.30, Contact: Don Antonio Peviani