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20. Cabrini Museum

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Phone 0377 32370
Street and number Via S. Francesca Cabrini 3
City Codogno

The Museum is based inside the “Centro di Spiritualità Santa Francesca Cabrini” (Spirituality Centre “Saint Frances Cabrini”). The house is the same in which the Saint founded, in 1880, the Institute of the Missionar Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Originally, it was an ancient Franciscan convent closed in 1796 by command of Napoleon Bonaparte. After 1980, the complex was widened through the addition of several buildings used as orphanage, vocational, embroidery, tailoring and girls’ boarding school, elementary school, girls’ recreation centre, centre for novitiate of the religious Congregation and other activities. In 1925, a Church was built: the Tabor.

In 1938, the year of Mother Cabrini’s beatification, the first collection of objects belonging to the Saint was set. In 1946, after her canonization, the museum was rearranged and new relics were added, but the richest gathering was that of the Seventies, when the museum, which originally had its base inside the “Casa Generalizia” in Rome, was moved almost in its entirety to Codogno. During that period, a whole section of the original house was reassessed, which included: the bedroom of the Saint, the “circle” where she educated the other nuns and a section entirely dedicated to the objects belonging to the Saint, together with memories and graces she received because of her intercession. The most valuable relic in the museum, that is to say, the Heart of Saint Frances Cabrini, was sealed and enthroned inside a lateral altar in the Tabor Church, in 1953.