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18. Lamberti’s private collection

Phone 0377 431238
Street and number Via Cavallotti 6
City Codogno

Founded in 1973 by Carlo Lamberti houses 122 works of art among paintings, watercolours, drawings and sculptures that range from the XVI century to current days. Carlo Lamberti was a sophisticated art collector and himself a painter. He was a friend of prominent artists such as Giorgio Belloni, Paolo Troubetzkoy, Piero Belloni Betti, Giuseppe Novello and Arturo Tosi.

The main floor of the XVI century Palazzo Lamberti was converted, ten years after his death, into an open gallery, displaying Lamberti’s private collection and later donations. The collection features interesting paintings by Tranquillo Cremona, Eugenio Gignous, Angelo Pietrasanta, Angelo Inganni and other friends of the collector.

The main entrance of the collection is from the portal of Palazzo Lamberti, at the top of the grand staircase on the right, where a Venus de Milo may also be admired. The staircase leads to the rooms on the main floor, frescoed and furnished with exquisite elegance. The collection is displayed in nine rooms, each named from a painter from Codogno.

The first room is named after Carlo Lamberti, then Angelo Pietrasanta, Giuseppe Novello, Enrico Groppi, Alessandro Bertamini, Giorgio Belloni, Piero Belloni Betti, and the two Tricolore and Library rooms. The jewel of the crown in the collection is the Tranquillo Cremona water-colour collection, "Le curiose" and "Ripassando la lezione", "La lettrice" by Angelo Pietrasanta, "Autoritratto nello studio" and "Le rose", besides several seascapes and mountain landscapes by Giorgio Belloni, and "Il sole del mattino" by Giuseppe Novello.

Open on reservation Tel. 0377/431238 (Pro Loco)