Lodi for the Expo

Good earth and itineraries along the river

This name reflects the determination of the Province of Lodi to contribute to the success of the Expo 2015 event through the promotion of it most significant environmental characteristics: its soil natural productivity and the abundance of water streams.

The provincial committee chose this name indicate an extended project, developed by the same province together with many public and private partners across the territory. The program aims to make the cultural and environmental heritage of the province even more enjoyable, in preparation for the Expo international showcase.

The project –launched in 2010 and to be finished by the end of 2014 –benefits of the financial support of the Region and the European Union through the institution of a Regional Operative Program; it is also possible thanks to the institutions that have supported the effort, providing a vital contribution through their ideas, projects and enthusiasm.

The application to the call for proposals POR Expo 2015 offered to the province the chance to draw up a unified project for a large portion of the territory, with the purpose of organizing an integrated range of touristic, social and environmental enjoyment destined to both citizens and tourists.

This project represents the province's concrete contribution to the Expo 2015, through the realization of structural and infrastructural interventions that enrich the territory with a network of cycle routes: the itineraries will connect the most attractive locations, supporting their preservation and promotion.