Make the best use of the Georouter of the cycle routes across the Province of Lodi.

The suggested routes in the itineraries section are just some of those available in the Province of Lodi territory. Thanks to the system employed, every user is able to create and customize his own itinerary.

From the Map page it is possible to choose the preferred background map (Google, Open Cycle, Bing, etc.) and to visualize the itineraries available online (menu on the left).

To create your own customized itinerary follow the instructions:

1)   Choose your mean of transportation (feet, bicycle);

2)   Enlarge the area you are interested using the scroll wheel of your mouse or typing the location name in the “Search place or address” box;

3)   Click on “Add waypoints” , then on your starting point on the map;

4)   To move the map drag it while holding down the left button of the mouse;

5)   Add other points to complete your itinerary;

6)   The system calculates and shows the shortest itinerary, providing its length and estimated travel time.

7)   You can modify your itinerary by adding in-between points of passage. Select “Middle” in the “Add waypoints” section.

8)   To move the waypoints, deselect the button “Add waypoints” and drag the selected waypoints to the new position.

To print maps and Road Books select between the three levels of detail; you can also choose whether to print the technical file and the detailed description of the itinerary.