The Lodi Cycle Network

The territory of the Province of Lodi is served by an extended network of bicycle paths that covers more than 250 kilometers. Such a branched cycle-pedestrian network allows the sustainable transport system to be effectively integrated with other means of transport and with the cycle networks of neighboring provinces. The area of Lodi sets an example for the so-called “slow tourism”, thanks to its essentially flat territory and to the vast artistic, gastronomic and naturalistic heritage –characterized by many watercourses that still guarantee the presence of important biodiversity niches.

The itineraries

There are five main itineraries in the network: the River Adda Ridge, which runs along the River Adda across the whole province, from the north to River Po; the Lambro Circuit, in the western part of the area; the Peri-urban Circuit of Lodi, running along the towpaths on the banks of Muzza and Belgiardino Canals; the Itinerary Across Lodi, which connects the main routes; the River Po Flood Plain, a cycle circuit across the lower part of the province. 


The cultural heritage of the Province of Lodi is incredibly rich: the variety of museum allows to enlarge and enrich the knowledge of a territory, which –even just for its historical and religious architecture and natural variety –deserves to be visited through a “slow” kind of travel, to appreciate hidden treasures that the hurried tourist tends to overlook.  

The best use

Make the best use of the Georouter of the cycle routes across the Province of Lodi.